Monday, June 19, 2006

Winning or Losing the War...?

I found it quite odd that as Rep. John Murtha told Tim Russert that American troops were losing the war in Iraq, Al Qaeda papers found by troops included a a "revealing document in which the terror group acknowledges its own "bleak situation" caused by losses on both the public relations and war fronts." (source)

That's a strange contrast isn't it? Does that mean that Al Qaeda is giving U.S. troops more credit than Murtha is --?

The former Marine and decorated veteran downplays the capture and kill of a terrorist that would still be going strong had we "pulled out immediately" as he suggested, tells the media the world and the terrorists that American forces are losing...

Yet, those actually on the ground in Iraq and Iraqi leadership seems to tell a different tale.

"The documents seized in the weeks leading up to the June 7 killing of Abu Musab Zarqawi also have provided intelligence that has helped direct nearly 500 allied combat operations and resulted in the killings of 104 insurgents, the U.S. command in Baghdad said yesterday.
Al Qaeda's acknowledged failures and the military offensive have been so successful that Iraq's national security adviser flatly predicted that Zarqawi's group, al Qaeda in Iraq, is at "the beginning of the end." He said all U.S. troops could be out of Iraq by 2008." (source)

The other contrast is the people that were complaining about having their bags checked (and the ACLU jumping right in to try and stop it) and the emerging information that Al Qaeda planned a subway attack in NYC with poison gasses.

Seems to me we've been on the right track...

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