Tuesday, June 27, 2006

West VS. Muslim Divide

"MEDIA mogul Rupert Murdoch says Muslims will always identify themselves by religion before nationality, warning that care needed to be taken to avoid a divided society.

“You have to be careful about Muslims who have a very strong, in many ways a fine, but very strong religion, which supersedes any sense of nationalism,” Mr. Murdoch said." (source)

I don't know why the Pew Center felt like they needed a poll to tell us that there is a huge riff between Muslims and those that have surpassed the 14th century...but apparently they did. IMO, Every self-respecting feminist in the world should loathe them...

"...The most salient findings include the extent to which Muslims have an aggrieved view of the West, and Westerners are skeptical and wary of Muslim values," said Andrew Kohut, the [Pew] center's president.

People polled in six predominantly Muslim countries -- Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Indonesia, Pakistan and Nigeria -- blame Westerners for the strain in ties and mostly see Americans and Europeans as selfish, arrogant, immoral and greedy, with opinions of the West and its people worsening over the last year, the survey found. In turn, majorities among non-Muslims polled in most Western countries see Muslims as fanatical and lacking in tolerance.

But non-Muslim Westerners interviewed were more divided in their attitudes toward Muslims than vice versa, poll results show. About 60 percent of non-Muslims questioned in France, Britain and Russia, as well as more than half of Americans interviewed, maintain favorable opinions of Muslims overall. On the other hand, 36 percent of non-Muslims surveyed in Germany and 29 percent in Spain view Muslims favorably.

About 27 percent of Pakistanis and 16 percent of Turks see Christians favorably; about 6 percent and 15 percent, respectively, have favorable views of Jews..." (source)

My Solution?
The low opinion of many in the West could easily be fixed by the "Moderate Muslims" if they joined loudly and wholeheartedly in the condemnation of all that has transpired in the name of their religion --and if they did it with no qualifiers...

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