Monday, June 26, 2006

"Undecided" People Suck

So, long car rides are dangerous for me. My brain goes into mosaic mode and 1,000 thoughts start swirling as I stare blankly out the window... As it's happening I am thinking "Wow, this is all so brilliant, I should blog this", but after I have vacated the car and upon further inspection --it's mostly a bunch of crap that no one but me would care about. It's virtually impossible to come up with an original idea --something that hasn't been said 200 different ways by much bigger intellects.

This time I am going to share something I was lamenting, even if it has been said more eloquently many times before...

If you have passed your 30th birthday and have no political ideology you are either lying so you don't offend anyone or have an IQ under 80. I hate when people 'have no opinion' or 'haven't really given it much thought' or are 'undecided'. Give me the biggest lib in the world over the apathetic or spineless.

By your 30th year on this earth you DO have an opinion -- and if you claim not to, you are obviously too concerned with what others will think to share it. You know if you agree with abortion or not. You know if the flag inspires pride or if it doesn't mean anything. You know if you think war is wrong no matter what, or if it is sometimes warranted. You know whether you agree with a welfare state in which all responsibility falls on the government's shoulders or the strength of each individual to chart their own success and failures. These are things you have to know...

So, undecided translates to scared or dumb...take your pick. Can I get an Amen? ;)

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