Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Someone Discriminate Against Me, Please...

...Call me a Greasy Whop, a short Dego --and let me sue for $61 MILLION dollars. I'll have to feign outrage, because I'm all grown up and names don't hurt me... but that's A LOT of money for a few nationality slurs.

"An Alameda County Superior Court jury awarded $61 million to two FedEx drivers of Lebanese descent who claimed a manager harassed them with racial slurs for two years.

Edgar Rizkallah, 43, and Kamil Issa, 36, both of Pleasanton, said in the discrimination lawsuit they were called ``terrorists,'' ``camel jockeys'' and other epithets in 1999 and 2000 by Stacy Shoun, terminal manager for the Oakland FedEx Ground facility where the two men were contract drivers.

The jury Friday awarded the men $50 million in punitive damages, on top of $11 million in compensatory damages the jury awarded them May 24, a lawyer for the plaintiffs and a FedEx Corp. spokesman said Saturday.

The company plans to appeal.

Rizkallah and Issa, both Lebanese-Americans, accused FedEx and Shoun in the 2001 lawsuit of creating a hostile work environment based on their race and national origin and causing emotional distress, said their San Francisco lawyer, Christopher Dolan. The men complained to senior managers but the company ignored their claims, Dolan said.

The lawsuit accused FedEx of failing to enforce its own anti-discrimination policies and prevent abuse against minorities." (source)

I am not saying it's okay to do this in a workplace (or anywhere), but $61 million dollars?!

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