Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Scrapple: It's a Pee-ay thing

The subject of Scrapple came up in the Grotto the other day. I figured that since so many people are not from this part of the U.S. I should talk about this Pennsylvania delicacy...

Yes, the gross stuff you have heard about what comprises the breakfast meat that is scrapple is all true. It's all the "other parts" from various animals that wouldn't normally be consumed, BUT before you dismiss this yummy treat...remember, hot dogs are made of all the same stuff.

If you like spicy Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage (the patty kind) or fried pork roll, you'd like scrapple. Now, even we PA folks differ on how it is best eaten. I like it sliced paper thin and really crispy on the outside, but The Man and TrekMedic like it thick. Some people eat it with ketchup and others with syrup.

If you should happen to stumble through Philly, try it before you think about the ingredients. It's pretty damn good.

(In the picture on the Wikipedia page they have it in a sandwich. I have never seen anyone eat it like that -so maybe that's a Western PA thing, as it is like a whole different state out there with odd sayings and strange accents ;) Oh, it's from the "Delaware State Fair"...that explains it.)

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