Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Routing for Canada for the First Time...

Yes, I must admit that I was ROOTING for Edmonton over the Carolina Hurricanes in last nights final bought for the Stanley Cup.

This was tough because I really like Mark Recchi and Rod Brind'Amour (both former Flyers) --and it was out of no great love for the Oilers. It was because I read that if Edmonton won the Stanley Cup might make the trip to Kandahar. Could there be a better morale booster for the troops (besides the 'Scores' girls)?

"If the Stanley Cup is headed to Edmonton for a victory parade this week, could one of the storied trophy's next stops be 10,500 kilometres away in this baking dust bowl in the Afghan desert?

The universal wish of the Edmonton-based Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry battle group is that their Oilers win Lord Stanley of Preston's silver chalice when they play Game 7 against the Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh, N.C., tonight. If the Oilers are victorious, the troops are optimistic the team will add another chapter to the Cup's colourful 113-year history by bringing it - and a few of their favourite players - to their heavily defended base on the outskirts of Kandahar.

"It would be huge to have the Cup here," said Sgt. Mark Pharoah, who normally works at the garrison in Edmonton. "It would be darn good for morale." (source)

As a complete aside: Isn't it crazy that PA has two huge teams for both football and hockey and North and South Carolina have to share a team for both sports...?

Well, for those of you that didn't watch --the Hurricanes won (3-1). I do wish it would have been the Oilers (well, being completely honest, I wish it would have been the Flyers...)

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