Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rory Kennedy's Al Qaeda Manual

Have any of you seen the documentary "Indian Point: Imagining the Unimaginable"? It was made by Rory Kennedy (sister of Robert Kennedy Jr. who was a major contributor in the film) and though it did have some provoking information regarding the Indian Point nuclear plant (which is just 35 miles outside Manhattan) --it played almost like a "How To" guide for potential terrorists attacks.

When will people learn that there is a difference between whistle-blowing and aiding the enemy? There was one guy (a Clinton appointee at the Nuclear Regulation Dept.) that had a brain and said he refused to talk about the weaknesses at the power plants because he wasn’t going to divulge that information to al Qaeda. Of course the next guy she filmed basically said ...[well, you could fly a plane through this small section, blow this up and get through here on foot...This is the location of all the spent fuel rods and there's a 75 year old man guarding that who's unarmed...]

Was I disturbed to hear that there are no fly zones over Disney World and the Superbowl, but not over nuclear power plants? Yeah, a little --but I don't think a movie with every weakness in the nuclear system needed to be made to tell me that.

The movie's (real) agenda is to sway you from accepting nuclear power (which it fails to do) but it uses 9/11 imagery to appeal to the need for safety Americans have in order to achieve that first goal. In using the post 9/11 the scare tactics to get to the ultimate goal of closing nuclear power plants, I feel the Kennedy's have made a step-by-step guide for any terrorist with a DVD player...

((Rory Kennedy has not escaped the Kennedy Curse:
"Ethel Kennedy was pregnant with Rory when Robert Kennedy was assassinated in 1968. Rory was the one who held her late brother, Michael, as he lay dying on an Aspen, Colorado, mountainside following a New Year's Eve 1997 skiing accident. It was Rory's wedding that John F. Kennedy Jr. was enroute to when his plane crashed killing him and his wife. ...and she looks like a Bizzaro Tea Leoni))

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