Monday, June 12, 2006

Right-Leaning Activists Need Apply...

I know many conservatives don't get involved in protests, rallies and letter writing campaigns...because, quite frankly, you have jobs unlike many of your counterparts on the left. But this is a cause that is worth the few minutes it will take to shoot off an email...

As many of you may already know, U.S. District Judge Gordon Thompson recently ordered the city of San Diego May 3 to remove the mountain-top cross of the Mt. Soledad War Memorial in California within 90 days or be charged $5,000 a day (The case was first heard in 1991 when the cross was declared "unconstitutional")).

The parents of slain Marine Capt. Michael Martino are taking up the fight. In a letter sent to President Bush they wrote:

"Our son captain Michael D. Martino, USMC, was killed in action in Iraq on November 2, 2005, when his cobra helicopter was sot down by a SA 16. This past week our son's Camp Pendleton unit, which had just recently returned from Iraq, dedicated plaques at Mt. Soledad to honor him and his fellow pilot major Gerry Bloomfield for their heroic service. There is no better place to honor our fallen heroes than under that cross, overlooking the country they fought and died to preserve.

Our son died with a strong belief that he was fighting to preserve the freedom of all Americans. A few in this country would like to see the cross removed from Mt. Soledad and thus deny the majority their rights to religious expression. This cross is no more an affront to personal beliefs than the thousands of crosses in Arlington Cemetery.

...Please let us have OUR freedom from activist judges and their personal interpretation of our Constitution. Mr. President please take the Memorial at Mt. Soledad under federal ownership." (Read the entire letter)

"The Martinos are disturbed that one atheist would be allowed by the courts to dismantle a cross that forms a significant part of the historic war memorial.

In a letter to McCain, the Martinos asked, "is it fair to the majority and to those who have served or have fallen in the service for our nation who wish to keep the cross to appease a few who look to strip all religion from our country under a false interpretation of the separation of church and state? Our son died with a strong belief that he was fighting to preserve the freedom of all Americans." (source)

This is where you come in... Take a moment to email the President (the letter has already been written for you) and save the memorial at Mt. Soledad from the lawsuit of one atheist and the ACLU.

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