Thursday, June 29, 2006

Really Can't Figure This One Out...

Yesterday I read an article that detailed the huge increase in Saudi Visas to the U.S.:

"...2005 saw the number of US visas issued to Saudis remain relatively stable, while this year the number has more than doubled.

In an e-mail to the Post, Amanda D. Rogers-Harper, a spokeswoman for the US State Department, confirmed that as of June 10, a total of 18,683 non-immigrant US visas had been issued to Saudi citizens since the start of the current fiscal year.

"This," she noted, "is twice as many as the 9,338 issuances to Saudis" in the corresponding period last year, marking an increase of over 100 percent in just the past 12 months...." (source)

I know, I know --the "Saudis are our friends" (excuse me while I throw up in my mouth a little). BUT, what made that article so surreal was following it by reading one detailing the revoking of security credentials for U.S. citizens that have ties to Israel...

"...Government sources and attorneys said the Pentagon has sought and succeeded in removing security clearance from dozens of Americans, mostly Jews, who either lived, worked or have relatives in Israel. Official documents report that American Jews, employed by major defense contractors and denied access to military projects, were asked by Pentagon examiners whether they would join a U.S. attack on Israel and abandon their relatives if the Jewish state was threatened.

"The policy didn't start yesterday," a Pentagon source said. "But those applying for security clearance are coming under greater scrutiny than ever for ties with foreign countries, and that especially includes Israel."... (source)

So, for the past 20+ years 99.8% of terrorist attacks against America have been committed by Muslim men from countries such as Saudi Arabia --and we strip people with ties to Israel of security clearance and open the gateways to more Muslim men?

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