Friday, June 02, 2006

OIF Veteran Philly.

I try to tell people all the time that there have been more homicides in Philadelphia this year than there have been deaths in Iraq. In ONE city.

Jermaine Frazier was a 29 year old Iraq war veteran, and he retuned safely to his child and his life. Wednesday night he was earning extra money delivering pizza in West Philadelphia and was shot in the back of the head. His family took him off life support yesterday... This father of a newborn came back from hell to be gunned down delivering pizza?

"...The shooter fled and neighbors ran outside to found Frazier bleeding on the ground.

Police believe the motive was robbery. And that someone called in an order for a Wannamaker Street address, then ambushed Frazier when he arrived. The pizza shop owner, who is afraid to be seen on television, says Frazier worked occasionally to help her and supplement his income. She is disgusted by the tragedy.

"You think people kill people for $5.00 for ten dollars people."

Pizza delivery was Frazier's 3rd job. His brother tells Action News relatives urged the hard working first time father to quit because of the potential danger and thought he had.

"He said he was gonna give it up. So we figured he did and we didn't know. But like I said he's so warm hearted, he told the people, 'If you call or ever need me for anything I'm always out there for you.'"

Jermaine Frazier died this afternoon when removed from life support. As police search for the suspect, his family is hopeful anyone who saw anything finds it in their heart to report it to police." (source)

How very depressing...

(H/T: Chuckman)

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