Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Immigration Bill...

All you need to know to realize it won't be good is that Chuck Hagel is one of the authors...

"The bill would grant amnesty to about 10 million illegal immigrants and put them on a path to citizenship. Once they become citizens, the net additional cost to the federal government of benefits for these individuals will be around $16 billion per year. The bill would also spur a rapid new flow of low-skill immigrants with its program for “guest workers” (for life, that is) and other provisions.

To make matters worse, once an illegal immigrant becomes a citizen, he has the right to bring his parents to live in the U.S. The parents, in turn, may become citizens. The long-term cost of government benefits for the parents of 10 million recipients of amnesty could be $50 billion per year or more. In the long run, the Hagel-Martinez bill, if enacted, would be the largest expansion of the welfare state in 35 years. The guest-worker-for-life program would add even further costs.

Welfare can be defined as means-tested aid programs. These programs provide cash, non-cash, and social service assistance that is limited to low-income households. The major means-tested programs include Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, public housing, the earned income credit and Medicaid. Historically, recent immigrants were less likely to receive welfare than native-born Americans.

But over the last 30 years, this historic pattern has reversed. As the relative education levels of immigrants fell, their tendency to receive welfare benefits increased. By the late 1990s, immigrant households were 50% more likely to receive means-tested aid than native-born households. Moreover, immigrants appear to assimilate to welfare use. The longer immigrants live in the U.S., the more likely they are to use welfare.

The picture for illegal immigrants, who would receive amnesty under the bill, is even more alarming. Roughly half of current illegal immigrants are high-school dropouts. Use of welfare among legal immigrants who are high-school dropouts is three times the rate for the U.S. native born population as a whole. The rate for low-skill immigrants granted amnesty would be similar. Overall, welfare costs added by this group would be quite high.

Illegal immigration is now a major cause of child poverty. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, 4.7 million children of illegal immigrant parents currently live in the U.S. Some 37% of these children are poor. While children of illegal immigrant parents make up around 6% of all children in the U.S., they are 11.8% of all poor children." (Read the rest of the story)

Further bloating of welfare...I wonder what the bottom lib\ne cost will be to the average citizen...

In other immigration news:

A student in Riverside, California has been suspended for organizing an off-campus anti-illegal immigration rally and wearing an anti-illegal immigration t-shirt. ...I guess it was okay to skip school altogether though.

"Joshua Denhalter was first suspended from Jurupa Valley High School in March when he attempted to organize a counter-demonstration after several students from the Mexican-American organization MEChA held a walkout and an on-campus protest against recent federal immigration legislation. According to the lawsuit filed Thursday, Denhalter was handing out fliers before school for a response assembly that would have taken place during the school’s open lunch period on a sidewalk outside of campus. Denhalter refused to comply after a school official asked him to stop handing out fliers, and he was suspended for three days.

School officials also prohibited Denhalter on May 25 from wearing a T-shirt produced by “Save Our State,” a group against illegal immigration in California." (source)

He's suing. I wonder if the ACLU will be taking his case?

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