Monday, June 05, 2006

More PC Crap at PS

Courtesy of Philip at Free Republic:

Ever wonder what teachers really mean when they describe your child's behavior? The following is from an actual handout distributed to the faculty in a public school.

New ways to talk about children:

Old Way__________ New Way
Defiant --now--Courageous, bold
Hyper --now--High Energy
Quiet--now--Thoughtful, inner-directed
Clingy--now--Connected, bonded
Stubborn--now--Focused, committed, determined
Fussy about details--now--Discrimminating
Talks back--now--Courageous, honest
Finicky eater--now--Future gourmet
Dawdles--now--Creative, observant
Slow poke--now--Deliberate
Nosey--now--High curiousity
Naughty--now--Likes attention, persistant
Mouthy --now--Expressive, assertive
Spoiled --now-- Loved
Mean --now-- Power seeker
Crabby --now-- Speaks out needs
Sneaky --now-- Inventive, creative
Compulsive --now-- Efficient
Silly --now-- Fun loving
Goofy --now-- Untamed creativity
Loud --now-- Expressive
Aggressive --now-- Future Leader
Shy --now-- Inner-directed
Timid --now-- Careful, cautious
Dependent --now-- Connected
Domineering --now-- Charismatic
Conceited --now-- Self-loving
Fearful --now-- Careful risker
Foolish --now-- Fun loving
Rigid --now-- High sense of order
Guarded --now-- Watchfully observant
Hysterical --now-- High level of emotionality
Talks all the time --now-- Great relator, expressive
Can’t sit still --now-- Energetic
Daydreamer --now-- Visionary
Babyish --now-- Acceptor of comfort
Messy --now-- Creative
Testing --now-- Researcher, experimentor

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