Saturday, June 10, 2006

Kevin Bacon Needed in Bali...

...where a Theocracy, much like the one found in the small town of Bomont, is quickly developing.

What is a small group of Muslin parties trying to ban in Indonesia? Dancing, public kissing, poetry, drawing, writing, photos or film that reveal or describe anything from partially bare breasts and buttocks, to shoulders and thighs.

"...Violators could face a maximum prison term of up to 15 years - including a five-year term for kissing on the lips in public - and fines of up to one billion rupiah (R70 7105).

...One of the most contested parts wants to prohibit "erotic dancing or erotic shaking", but Bali is particularly fearful of the kissing ban which could scare away badly needed foreign tourists.

...While it is unlikely to pass in its current form - it has the support of just 15% of the 550-seat parliament - critics say the bill shows how conservative Muslims are trying to chip away at the young democracy's secular traditions and establish themselves as arbiters of public morality." (source)

"There is a time to dance, and this is ours!" ~Ren, Footloose.

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