Monday, June 26, 2006

Iraqi "Civilian" Deaths

Over the past few weeks there has been talk of charges against American troops for 'civilian deaths' ad nauseam. But, as I brought up in a previous comment --how are these deaths counted? Who isn't a civilian in Iraq?

According to reports from Iraq, other Iraqi's don't mind civilian deaths. I say this because they are using each other as human shields.

When you hear the ACLU and Amnesty talk you would think hundreds of innocent bystanders are being killed each day...but then THIS STORY comes out:

"U.S. troops have reduced the number of Iraqi civilians they kill after orders to improve checkpoint procedures following the shootings of some 350 Iraqis in such incidents last year, the military said on Sunday.

Figures in a briefing document provided by a U.S. spokesman in Baghdad showed that seven Iraqi civilians a week on average were reported killed in "escalation of force" (EOF) incidents in 2005. That dropped to four a week in January to one a week now."

Seven? Four? Not hundreds? Seven people failing to stop at checkpoints and speeding toward our troops have been killed a week? Seven suspecting in planting IEDs or throwing mortars? Civilians? What constitutes a "civilian" in these surveys? Was this someone ignoring direct orders or just planting his garden?

How many people have been killed in Detroit or Philly since January (and there is no WAR here)?

Of course it sucks when innocent people die --but the key word there is innocent.

(An Israeli soldier was taken hostage by Palestinian terrorists...Let's see what Israel does when one of their own is in danger...)

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