Friday, June 02, 2006

Hold Your Haditha Judgments...

Last night The Man and I were talking about Haditha (we went out to dinner and CNN was on the TV in the bar -they are just loving this story).

I was telling him that we really need to reserve judgment about the actions of these Marines until we know the whole story. We have no idea if Haditha (which I believe is in the notorious Sunni triangle) is using civilians and children the way the Viet Cong did to target American troops...

And from videos that are being released it seems they were (these videos are said to be from Haditha, but I have no way to verify that):

"Civilians" using children to throw grenades at U.S. troops (We don't learn the fate of the troops from the video...)

Children pelting U.S. troops with rocks

Reserve judgment folks... This is a nasty area with Saddam loyalists. Let's give our guys the benefit of the doubt unless we have definitive evidence otherwise...

(H/T: Andy)

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