Thursday, June 15, 2006

Got Money?

Ok, Picture this. You leave your family and friends and are shipped off to a foreign country. One that's hot, sandy and where people are trying to kill you. You survive the heat rash, camel spiders, IEDs and roaming terrorists but to add insult to the sandstorms you are wounded and must be shipped out. You go to Germany and then to Walter Reed. You are scared and alone and quite possibly missing a limb (or more)... After being physically patched up at Walter Reed it's time to start the long road to full recovery.

Your family would love to be with you, but they most likely live many states away. You lay there in a bed day after day with bandaged (or no) hands and no way to communicate. Imagine the boredom, the loneliness, and the depression...

You see signs saying "We support the troops" but you lay there day after day not feeling very supported. Then you hear about a program that could provide you with a hands-free computer. Your spirits soar because there is an end in sight to your isolation. You could chat, email and write letters using a voice recognition program. You eagerly sign up.

Then you find out the program has run out of money and there are ten guys on the list for the psyche-saving software in front of you...

This is happening right now at Walter Reed with Project Valour-It. There is a waiting list and no money... I was thinking last night that even if we round the number down -and everyone that came here today gave just $10 we could raise about $15,000 in one day.

This from FBL via The Castle:

"Marine Lt. Gen. Amos recently said:

"When we send them off to do the nation's bidding in a place like Afghanistan or Iraq and they're wounded, we're not returning the same individual... When we send them back wounded there is a piece of me that says I haven't kept my bargain. What's left for me to do is to continue taking care of them." (source)

It's left to more than generals to continue taking care of them. It's left to all of us. And part of how we take care of the wounded is by helping them reconnect and rediscover their self-sufficiency in a way that supports their recovery. A voice-activated Valour-IT laptop is a huge part of that support.

Can you give $10?

BBC article about the program

**Argghhh! has some Donation Updates posted**

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