Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Flag Day & The U.S. Army's B-Day

Ragged Old Flag ~Johnny Cash (Listen)

Today is not only the 229th anniversary of Flag Day, but also the 231st birthday of the United States Army.

Old Glory
Jon Townsend, Former Green Beret Captain

I have seen "Old Glory" unfurled and waved,
Moths flying everywhere.
It has been put away too long
Well , since last there was a scare.

I have heard "God Bless America"
Being sung strong and loud,
Why must there be a tragedy
To make us finally proud?

I have heard the people sing
"The Star Spangled Banner"
Who never sung before
With hands placed over hearts ,
They let their voices soar

As tears run down our cheeks
And shivers up our spine,
We honor how freedoms were won
And paid for, time after time

We've sent our young soldiers into harm's way,
When freedoms were in doubt,
To battle evil in the world
And to help the victims out.

Korea, Vietnam and Iraq,
World Wars 1 and 2,
American blood was shed to combat evil,.
That's what Americans do.

Now we were the targets of terrorists,
And, as time will surely tell,
Whether you are for or against us, know this!
America will prevail!

When terrorism is defeated
And wrongs are ultimately righted,
I pray that moths don't again get Old Glory,
And again the soldier slighted.

"Old Glory" is my flag
And I am filled with pride,
I choke up when I see her wave cause I know
She waves o'er heroes who died.

God bless America."

Flag Day Quiz

All you Jarheads make nice and say Happy Birthday to the Soldiers! ;)

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