Thursday, June 08, 2006

Finally --A Plausible Illegal Immigration Solution!

...and it was from a Democrat. Imagine that.

Both sides gripe and complain about a thousand issues, but neither side ever seems to offer a viable solution or alternative. Yesterday, a man that claimed he was a Democrat, called Laura Ingraham's show and offered a GREAT (IMO) solution to the illegal immigration crisis. (Even better than my two barrels of oil strapped to the back solution) ;)

His premise was based in common sense --that the solution should be a MEXICAN solution and not an AMERICAN one (as many here have also expressed).

His solution was refineries. Since the environmental groups have basically castrated refineries here in the U.S. (the REAL reason gas prices are so high), Exxon, Mobil, etc. should go hog wild building refineries in Mexico. This would provide the country will a coveted asset. It would utilize a natural resource they possess. It would create TONS of jobs and put the country into the global market for real.

I love this idea. Let's help them to help themselves.

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