Monday, June 19, 2006

English Only Cheesesteaks: Eyewitness Account

Amid the ongoing controversy regarding Joe Vento, owner of Philadelphia's Geno's Steaks, posting an "English only" sign --business is booming.

Despite Philadelphia's Human relations committee that claims what Geno's is doing violates some PC tenet or another and the fact that Center City liberals are so mad they're choking on their wheat germ...the line for a steak keeps growing.

Someone close to me (I won't say who since he is employed by the lovely City of Philadelphia) decided to throw his support in Vento's direction and headed down for a Geno's steak. He said that line was really long and just keep getting longer. Even the Navy parachute team (in town for this past weekend's "Air Fest 2006") where in line and ready to order in English. The best part is the politically correct Pat's Steaks across the street (the one's that had the Kerry sign in '04) had no line at all...

So, even in this VERY Democratic city, I guess the people have spoken with their patronage.

Great OpEd about the 'controversy'

(Pictures courtesy of News Talk 990 :Mike Gallagher live from Geno's)

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