Thursday, June 01, 2006

Elementary School Teachers Pleading for Help...

This is a Philly story, but I have no doubt this is not isolated to this city...

Philadelphia elementary school students are running the schools and terrorizing the students according to a new 'under cover' report...

"The Philadelphia teachers asked the NBC 10 Investigators to protect their identities because they feared for their jobs. Even worse, they said, they fear for their lives from their own students.

"It's very frightening. It's very frightening," one teacher said.

These teachers said you only have to watch the playgrounds to see what they are talking about:

  • "It is like a war zone."

  • "I have kids who are petrified to leave my classroom without me -- petrified. They are bullied, they're hit, things are thrown at them."

  • What goes on outside, the teachers said, is just a small reflection of the violence these teachers insist is going on inside their Philadelphia elementary school classrooms.

  • "To be honest, I'm scared," a teacher said.

  • "I had a student larger than myself threaten to kill me."
    "We've had guns, fourth grade, third grade, kindergarten children bringing in box cutters and not afraid to use them and not afraid to show that they know how to use them and not afraid to use the language that goes along with it."

  • When the NBC 10 Investigators went undercover, they witnessed one child being punched in the stomach until he cried. They also heard obscene language, saw obscene gestures and saw one child exposing himself. The exasperated teachers were being ignored.

    "We have gangs of kids that pretty much run the halls, and we don't even stop them any more to say, 'Where do you belong,' because they will say "f" you to you. They will push you down the steps if you're in their way," one teacher told the NBC 10 Investigators.

    "You're asking the public to believe that when you go to school, you are afraid of elementary school kids? How can they be controlling the school?" Cahn asked

    "They are and they will tell you that," a teacher told Cahn." (Read the rest of the report --or watch the video)

    ...This year alone almost 10,000 elementary school children have been expelled.

    "We are not allowed to suspend. Their hands are tied. (Administrators say), 'Oh, you have too many suspensions. Stop the suspensions,'" a teacher said.

    A representative of the school district said that teachers should reveal the schools where there are problems. Teachers insist they've already risked their jobs by doing a television interview.

    Ok, I changed my mind about the online diplomas...

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