Friday, June 16, 2006

Dennis Prager is an Ass

I rarely listen to Dennis Prager A) I don't like his monotone voice B) Rush is on at the same time C) I don't listen to many male talk show hosts (yeah, it's the femi-nazi side of me).

BUT, yesterday when I was running my errands Rush wasn't on because the Phillies game preempted him --so I put Prager on. He made me angrier than any liberal talk show host ever has (and he's a conservative)...

His topic: Breast feeding.
His opinion: Women shouldn't do it because it DE-EROTICIZES the breasts for their husbands.

OMG. Are you friggin' kidding me? He actually said he didn't care about the health benefits because men shouldn't have to be deprived of sex... How does breast feeding deprive men of sex? And de-eroticizes breasts? Breats are there for breast feeding --why men decided to eroticize an udder in the first place is their psychosis, not ours...

Apparently he is continuing the discussion on his show today... I should try to call in and blast him. He actually insinuated that women of lower intelligence breast feed --I guess he can't read because every study shows the higher the education, the MORE likely a woman is to breast feed. The women calling the show were worse than him --all mealy-mouthed and docile...letting him trample all over them.

Maybe his tirade was prompted by this NYT article that is lamenting a new breast feeding campaign that will come on the heels of new studies showing even greater benefits then they previously thought... child diabetes, obesity, etc.

"A two-year national breast-feeding awareness campaign that culminated this spring ran television announcements showing a pregnant woman clutching her belly as she was thrown off a mechanical bull during ladies' night at a bar — and compared the behavior to failing to breast-feed.

"You wouldn't take risks before your baby's born," the advertisement says. "Why start after?"

Senator Tom Harkin, Democrat of Iowa, has proposed requiring warning labels, on cans of infant formula and in advertisements, similar to those on cigarettes. They would say that the Department of Health and Human Services has determined that "breast-feeding is the ideal method of feeding and nurturing infants" or that "breast milk is more beneficial to infants than infant formula."

Child-rearing experts have long pointed to the benefits of breast-feeding. But critics say the new campaign has taken things too far and will make mothers who cannot breast-feed, or choose not to, feel guilty and inadequate." (source)

Listen, some women have to go back to work and others just don't have the support to get them through the worries of breast feeding (doctors would rather you didn't to save themselves the phone calls) and that's one thing --but to say NOT to do it because of your husband's distain for a child eating where nature intended him too?!

This man is the biggest ass ever.

(The Man proposed that there was a link between men that eroticize the breasts in the first place and breast feeding --he may be on to something. As we went through all the 'breast men' we know we realized they had all been breast fed --whereas all the butt and leg guys we know weren't... Hmmmm...An interesting theory anyway...)

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