Thursday, June 01, 2006

Concerning Email:

I am a bad emailer. I fully acknowledge this. I always mean to answer every email I receive --and I do read them...but life gets in the way, etc. etc. I am also a bit weary of email because it (like the blog) has no 'tone' and I hate for things to be misunderstood... I am definitely a 'phone person'.

I bring this up for two reasons:

1) I love getting email and I read all of it. I love that so many people send me great links to stories, send book recommendations, offer advice they don't want to leave in the comments, etc. I realize that my unreliability when it comes to responding could lead someone to believe their mail was neglected or ignored, and that really isn't the case.

2) Something has gone amuck with my 'bulk mail' folder. Some of my non-Spam email ends up in there and I used to be able to sort through and find things that shouldn't have been directed to that folder –but lately my 'bulk mail' contains 150+ emails every time I open my email. I just delete it all now. If you sent something that required an answer or something you feel I should have responded to, please try sending it again...

So there, I am a sucky friend to have if you like getting email...but a great friend to have if you like sending it and never getting a reply! ;)

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