Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bon Voyage

After Mason's "board breaking" class this morning (that I pray doesn't turn into hand or arm breaking) we embark on our first mini-vacation of the summer.

Unfortunately, our destination is Manhattan & Brooklyn and not OBX. Our kids have never been and we wanted to do all the touristy things that one does on their first NYC trip...BUT it is supposed to pour rain and thunder storm for the entire duration of our stay. Lovely.

The Man was away all week and is always miserable upon his return from having to stay in Southern Jersey (sorry to the Jerseyites, but ya know--the smell...and the bugs...) So a soggy weekend hailing cabs should only make that worse. I, on the other hand, am completely paranoid about the bed bug epidemic taking place in NY. Ewww. (They say they are visible to the naked eye…) The hotel we are staying at is a bit iffy, but it was just built in 2005 so how bad could it be right...RIGHT?! ;)

Anyway, I'll make sure we have fun if it kills me... I'll see Ground Zero for the first time since 2000 when The Man and I last saw the Towers standing. I'll think of some creative things to do with Castro's likeness at the wax museum and the boys will be in heaven in the new Time's Square Toys 'R Us. AND, my brother can stop guilt tripping me for failing to visit his Brooklyn brownstone for the past year since he moved in... (quite frankly, we may be crashing there if there's bed bugs...)

We will have fun, We will have fun, We will have fun, We will have fun, We will have fun....

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