Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Batwoman Returns...as a Lesbian...

D.C Comics (which, as everyone knows, don't hold a candle to Marvel) is looking to "diversify".

They are going to re-introduce Batwoman (she was killed in 1979) and she's gonna be gay.

"The move is part of the comic giant's attempt to incorporate more ethnically and sexually diverse characters into its superhero world." (source)

This really isn't what I found interesting about this article --what struck me was was the DC readers want to see in their comics (or, should we say "graphic novels")...

"Reviews are mixed on Web sites devoted to D.C. Comics. One critic said ugly superheroes might be more groundbreaking, offering the examples of "200-pound woman, man with horseshoe hair loss pattern, people with cold sores." (source)

...Um, ewww...

(H/T: Liz -my research analyst ;))

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