Friday, June 16, 2006

And the ACLU Worries About a Cross in a Cemetery?!

The ACLU is always misinterpreting the spirit of "separation of church and state", so where are they on this issue....?!

• In Lincoln Park, Mich., Fitness USA relented when Muslim women
demanded that the gym wall off a co-ed aerobic center from their women-only
section because men could see them working out.

• In Bridgeview, Ill., a Muslim school says it wants its girls'
basketball team to play road games against non-Muslim schools provided the
public schools ban men and teenage boys from the game.

• In North Seattle, Wash., a public pool set up a swim time for Muslim
women in which men, even male lifeguards, are banned.

In all of the examples, businesses and public facilities were asked to
accommodate followers of one interpretation of Islamic law that says
the sexes must be separate if women are not covered with headscarves and
modest clothing." (source)

Aren't these all religious issues --and aren't they causing hardships to those that don't believe in that religion?

(H/T: Chris)

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