Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Amid the DNC Talking Points...Military Remains Strong

...the Army has met its recruiting goals yet again for the 12th consecutive month --actually it surpassed them.

At the Quaker-led anti-war thingy The Man and I went to the other night this was a major topic of discussion. The crowd couldn't wait to ask Colby about stop-loss and how unfair it all is...and how the country should be making sacrifices. I agree, but I wonder what he was talking about? The tax cuts I suppose, but how is taking back the people's money to give it to programs that have been proven not to work (like Headstart) going to help the troops? I digress...

The Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps also met recruiting goals.

I'd be interested to compare the numbers recruited during the Clinton Administration and the Bush Administration --does anyone have those numbers?

The White House has an article challenging an AP report regarding National Guard recruiting goals.

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