Thursday, June 29, 2006

Americans: The Most Patriotic In The World

It would seem that the 'Blame America First crowd' has a dirty little secret. Maybe it's due to a latent, liberal ideology induced virgin-whore complex...but whatever the reason a good portion of them love this country and would rather be living here than anywhere else in the world (well, the smart ones at least).

"... the U.S. leads the world in pride of country, according to a new University of Chicago study that surveyed people in 34 nations.

Three out of four Americans say they would rather be a U.S. citizen than any other, tops in the world..."

Of course this is the MSM (or the 'drive-by media' as Rush calls them), so they had to throw a negative spin on it:

"...There can be a negative side to it: "Other countries might see this as somewhat arrogant,'' said Smith, who is the director of the center's General Social Survey..." (source)

Eastern European countries scored the lowest.

"People rated how proud they were of their countries in 10 areas: political influence; social security; the way their democracy works; economic success; science and technology; sports; arts and literature; military; history; and fair treatment of all groups in society." (source)

I find this encouraging. Excuse the Rodney King Moment but --Better red, White and Blue than Red VS. Blue. ;)

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