Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yeah! A Theoretical Raise!

God, I wish this were actually the case... AND YES ID, WE EARN IT!!! ;)

"The cost of paying a stay-at-home mom for all the work she does is on the rise.

Salary.com said if they got paid, stay-at-home moms would pull down $134,121 this year -- a raise of $2,650 from last year's theoretical salary.

Moms who work outside the home would get an annual paycheck of $86,876 for the "mom job" portion of their work, in addition to their actual "work job" salary.

Salary.com put together a list of job titles that best matched a stay-at-home mom's definition of the work she does. Among them -- in the order of hours spent per week -- are housekeeper, day-care center teacher and cook. Job titles new to the list this year include psychologist, laundry machine operator and computer operator." (source)

If only...

(H/T: Liz)

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