Tuesday, May 23, 2006


It's an ominous sign when former President Clinton is praising President Bush's handling of immigration reform. Isn't it?

"Former President Bill Clinton on Sunday said President Bush is doing a good job on immigration reform, praising his call for better border security and moderation in dealing with illegal immigrants.

"I basically think President Bush has done a good job with this," Clinton told a convention of shopping center developers. "I'm different with him on nearly everything, but I think he's done a good job with this." (source)

He also agreed with Bush's call for 6,000 National Guard to the border. I don't know what the "right" answer is...but what I do know is the Wall Street Journal's Sunday immigration article is very odd. It pretty much claims that anyone wanting to stop illegals is betraying Reagan's legacy:

"Yes, times change, and it's impossible to know what precisely the Gipper would do at the current moment. But judging from these quotes and so many others across his long career, we feel confident in asserting that Mr. Bush and those who support more open immigration are far closer to Reagan's views than today's restrictionists are.

The current immigration political panic is not unlike many in America's past, including a couple while Reagan was in public life. He always avoided the temptation to join them, no doubt realizing that they were short-sighted politically, and, more important, inconsistent with his vision of America as the last best hope of mankind." (source)

I guess when all else fails, you play the Reagan card... So I will too...

"A Nation without borders is not a Nation." -Ronald Reagan

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