Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Women's Likenesses Cause Sin in Saudi...

Newspaper editors in Saudi Arabia have been ordered by King Abdullah to stop printing pictures of women in their papers. Why you ask? Because the images could "make young men go astray". Are they publishing nude or risqué pics in the Kingdom of Saud you ask? No, these are pictures of everyday woman wearing traditional Muslim garb... (maybe the real reason is the photos normally accompany stories that imply woman have the right to vote and to drive...)

"The king told editors on Monday night that publishing a woman's picture for the world to see was inappropriate.

"One must think, do they want their daughter, their sister, or their wife to appear in this way. Of course, no one would accept this," the newspaper Okaz quoted Abdullah as saying.

"The youth are driven by emotion ... and sometimes they can be lead astray. So, please, try to cut down on this," he said.

Although the king has broached topics — such as women eventually acquiring driving licenses — that were previously seen as nonstarters, his instruction to editors indicates that Islamic conservatives remain a powerful force in the kingdom and brake on reform.

The country adheres to a strict interpretation of Islamic law. Women are not allowed to vote and stand in municipal elections — the only type of election permitted in the kingdom.

The king also called on editors to stop printing stories that portray the country in a negative light.

"Don't write anything that can be harmful to the country. Some reporters, they want to stand out and they end up going too far and this should not be allowed to happen," Abdullah said according to Okaz.

The king added that newspapers should ignore the foreign press, especially when what it publishes is "against Islam or against Arabs."

All media in Saudi Arabia are either state owned or state guided." (source)

Taliban II?

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