Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Rebuilding New Orleans...Or Not

This past weekend I watched the HBO documentary Too Hot Not To Handle (about Global Warming)-- and I want to have a major discussion about that some time in the near future (and I'd love for a real "green" person to email me to answer some questions I have)...

But in the interim, one thing that was made abundantly clear in the scientist-studded film was our coast lines (even those above sea level are history).

So where does this leave New Orleans in the eyes of the hardcore environmentalists. If they truly believe that Global Warming will destroy these coastal cities on the east Coast and the Gulf in the next ten years --why would we dump millions of dollars into rebuilding a city that is doomed anyway? Shouldn't we take that money for fortifying areas that are above sea level but still in danger?

I couldn't find any quotes from Al Gore or Robert Kennedy about rebuilding down there. I really am interested in this... and curious.

I liked one of the quotes in the movie... being a conservative doesn't mean you can't be environmentally conscious –after all, the root word in Conservative is "conserve".

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