Tuesday, May 09, 2006

On Being Gay in the GOP...

People make such a big deal over gay Republicans, but I don't see the reason for the hoopla. Who among us agrees with their party's stance on every issue? Why is it so difficult for some to realize there are people who happen to be gay, but are also hard-core on American defense, for shrinking government and for ending dependant victim voter bases...?

Mary Cheney is one of them. She has a new book out, that I am going to pick up today, entitled: 'Now It's My Turn': A Daughter's Chronicle of Political Life. She says that she would have voted for President Bush even if her dad wouldn't have been on the ticket (I believe in private the President is completely on board with civil unions).

"I struggled with my decision to stay on the 2004 campaign," Cheney told "Primetime." Her personal challenge came when President Bush said the nation must defend the sanctity of marriage.

When Bush proclaimed it in the State of the Union, she refused to go. Mary Cheney, a senior campaign adviser, was finally taking her stand.

"I didn't want to be there. No one banned me from being there. But I didn't want to stand up and cheer," she said.

She says the president offered to let her give a public statement in disagreement, and her father indicated publicly he disagreed with his boss on the issue. She declined but says she did talk with her family about quitting the campaign.

Cheney has had to deal with hearing hateful names about gays and lesbians from the right wing of her own party. And gay rights activists say that Cheney's silence is just a form of hypocrisy. They even made a milk carton that said, "Mary Cheney Missing." She jokes about that. "That's … ooh, God, that's a nice picture."

Her reply to their criticism is simple. "We each have to choose our own path," she said. "I respect their opinion. But it is not the path that I would choose for myself." (source)

Mary Cheney seems to be pretty straight forward and honest, so I bet this will be a great read --and an interesting insight to a political position that brings out the worst from both sides of the aisle.

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