Tuesday, May 16, 2006

NYT Smoothing the Way for GOP Wins?

Did anyone read the NYT article Democrats, Why Win?" What's up with that? Is this a way to make it look like any losses in '06 were strategic?

Nancy Pelosi is already planning what she'll wear when she's made Speaker of the House...

"Such talk may well be premature. Election Day is six months away, and the party has lost many a winning hand. But here is a slightly heretical question, being asked only partly in jest right now: Is it really in the best interest of the Democratic Party to win control of the House and Senate in November? Might the party's long-term fortunes actually be helped by falling short?

As strange as it might seem, there are moments when losing is winning in politics. Even as Democrats are doing everything they can to win, and believe that victory is critical for future battles over real issues, some of the party's leading figures are also speculating that November could represent one of those moments." (source)

THIS, my friends, is why I love politics. I love watching the plotting and strategizing. I love watching how the MSM handles it and how they decide to play their influence. I love seeing it all brought to fruition on Election Day... Only six months to go...so, on with the games.

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