Friday, May 05, 2006

No Pregnancy Equals No Abortion...

Do you know how people always say, "...but what about all the poor unwanted babies that will end up being abused" when they find out you're a "freaky pro-lifer"? Well, my reply has always been that statistics show it's not the poorest among us that utilize thier right to Roe. I'd be willing to wager that Roe has eliminated more upper middle-class and rich babies than anything else...

It is however, the poorest among us that have the highest "unplanned" pregnancy rates...and this is where the Pro-Lifers and the Pro-Choicers SHOULD COME TOGETHER. If we educate and arm girls and women --we have a greater chance of avoiding pregnancy and therefore abortion.

"Overall, the rate of unintended pregnancy - 49 percent of all pregnancies - has remained stable in the United States, according to newly released government data.

But when broken down by income, disparities emerge: In 2001, US women living below the federal poverty line were four times as likely to have an unplanned pregnancy, five times as likely to have an unplanned birth, and more than three times as likely to have an abortion as women with income at least double the poverty line ($9,800). And these disparities are growing, reports the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive-health research organization formerly affiliated with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. In 1994, poor women were three times as likely as higher-income women to have an unplanned pregnancy.

The primary source of these data is the just-issued National Survey of Family Growth, a survey of more than 7,600 women, conducted in 2002. It is run by the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. The most recent previous such survey was conducted in 1995." (source)

I think it's good to teach abstinence (why not aim high?), but don't have blinders on. There must be alternatives for teens. You can't say abortion is a sin AND contraception is a sin. Well, I guess you can, but it's only hurting the final outcome. Wouldn't you rather some little sea monkey-like sperm be killed than a moving, feeling baby?

How depressing is it that 49% of all pregnancies were unwanted? Maybe if both sides worked together, we could do something about that --for the sake of the babies...born or aborted...

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