Friday, May 12, 2006

My "Quit Date" Looms...

It's my last only Marlboro Light Menthols. Really. I don't drink, smoke pot, have extra-marital sex, watch daytime talk shows or soaps, or read romance novels. My life is pretty damn "normal" (whatever that is) and why can't I enjoy the one "bad" thing I do?

There are two reasons I have been able to justify my "disgusting habit" thus far... My doctor told me that he wouldn't give me too much crap about smoking "as long as I quit by the time I was 35" AND I have read tons of articles that say a smoker that works out faithfully is still healthier than a non-smoker that doesn't.

But now the joy of lighting up has been dampened by the faces of my two little guys who shouldn't have to watch their mom dying of emphysema and lung cancer, by the fact that my workouts are getting intense enough to require a bit more ease of breathing and the sad fact that I will be 35 this summer...

I have been mulling over how and when to quit. Wellbutrin? The Patch? Or maybe this new pill that has just been approved by the FDA. However I do it, prepare for my posts to be a bit bitchier... ;)

(H/T: Liz)

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