Monday, May 08, 2006

McDonalds Hiring Sex Offenders...

I think it's great that McDonalds sponsored the Military Appreciation Month's "Fleet Week USA - A National Salute to America's Heroes"...but let's face it, at the end of the day it's a huge write off.

What I am more interested in is new allegations that McDonalds is hiring sex offenders. A restaurant that is geared toward children and actively targets them in their promotions and advertising is hiring sexual predators?

"One man says some McDonald's knowingly hire sex offenders -- and he may know better than anyone.

He's a convicted sex offender and, until today, he worked at a local McDonald's restaurant.

"Everyone knew I was on probation for statutory rape," Scott Smyers told NewsChannel 5's chief investigative reporter Phil Williams.

Scott Smyers was a shift supervisor for this McDonald's in Franklin. ...He was recently re-arrested for possessing child pornography.

A statement released by the restaurant owner claims, "I would never knowingly hire registered sex offenders in my restaurants."

But Smyers says, "They knew Nicholas Aloyo was a sex offender. They knew I was a sex offender..."

In Aloyo's case, probation officers had rated him to be a high-risk to commit new sex crimes. And the judge ordered that Aloyo accept "no employment ... in contact with minors."

"Nicholas, I knew from Day One that he shouldn't have been working at McDonald's," Smyers adds.

"He was in contact with minors?" Phil Williams asks.

"All the time."

Perhaps, most disturbing: on the restaurant's McFamily Nights, Smyers says Aloyo was the one who took care of the children.

"They would allow Nicholas to be the one to be out in the lobby with the kids, set up the little bowling alley for the kids, sing on karaoke with the kids."

He adds, "If you have an offender, and you knowingly allow them to go play with kids, it's probably not a smart idea." (source)

This isn't where it ends -there are law suits cropping up all over the country. McDonalds has issued a statement, but it's hardly satisfactory.

The founder of 'The National Foundation to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse' is calling for a nationwide boycott until McDonalds fully addresses and amends this ongoing travesty. I normally find boycotts a bit pointless, but this is one I may have to get on board with...

According to the US Department of Justice:

• 1 in 5 violent offenders serving time in state prisons had been convicted of a crime against a victim under the age of 18.

• More than half the violent crimes committed against children involved victims age 12 or younger.

• 7 in 10 offenders with child victims were imprisoned for rape or sexual assault.

• Two-thirds of all prisoners convicted of rape or sexual assault had committed their crimes against a child.

• All but 3% of offenders who committed violent crimes against children were male.

• 59% of current prisoners with a child victim had been previously convicted of a crime.

• 42% of current offenders with a child victim and a prior criminal history had a past conviction for a violent crime against either children or adults.

• 19% of current child victimizers convicted of prior violent crimes had been convicted in the past of statutory rape, lewd acts with a child or child abuse. (source)

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