Thursday, May 04, 2006

Labor Unions Financing Illegals' Rallies?

Byron York, from 'The Hill' has followed a 'paper trail' that started with rally sign fine print and ended at Union leadership. Why would Unions want illegals given amnesty?

"The percentage of American workers represented by unions has been falling for decades. In many industries, that won’t change anytime soon; do you expect we’ll be seeing lots of new autoworkers and miners?

With decreasing membership has come decreasing clout.

Some in the union world, like AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, want to fight that by throwing millions and millions of dollars at political candidates. If they can just get their guys in office, and have them be beholden to organized labor, they’ll get some of that clout back. But that hasn’t been working all that well of late.

So some leaders of unions like SEIU and UNITE HERE want to approach the problem another way: grow strong by actually growing. They want — they need — new members.

And where will those unions, which represent mostly low-wage, unskilled workers, find new members? That’s right. In the large-and-growing-larger pool of illegal immigrants.

That’s a big part of what you’ve been seeing in the streets." (GREAT article -Read the rest)

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