Thursday, May 25, 2006

Judicial Activism #792

76% of the people of Georgia voted not to allow gay marriage.

A judge has struck down that ruling.

One Judge nullified the VOTE of more than 3/4 of all Georgians.


Here's the thing. If 76% of Georgians voted to ALLOW gay marriage and one judge said that vote was invalid, I would be saying that was wrong also.

Why can't people on the LEFT and the RIGHT realize that a JUDGE (or a panel of judges) can't overrule the word of the people. It can (and will) hurt BOTH sides if we allow this. Laws are made by the legislators WE elect or by a direct ballot vote --NOT by one man...or nine.

My promise is that I will condemn judicial activism* no matter whose favor it works in... Will you do the same? (*well, unless it further punishes pedophiles)

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