Monday, May 01, 2006

It's BOYCOTT Day...

Once again "the immigrants" and their supporters have it all wrong. NO ONE IS AGAINST IMMIGRATION --ALL of our Great grandparents, grandparents and parents were immigrants at one time. The problem is with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

The marches already cost activists tons of support --what will boycotts aimed to "shut down cities" and cost tons of money do?

"Though it is not known just how many immigrants will join the boycott, which gained endorsement by the state senate Thursday, some employers are making preparations to minimize losses.

Dubbed the Great American Boycott, immigrants in a show of solidarity, plan to counter what they deem drastic immigration reform proposals by showing the country what it would be like without them." (source)

God, I feel like a broken record... Please, get a VISA or a green card and come here, live here, learn the tongue, get a job and raise your kids. We WELCOME that --just don't do it illegally. It;s not fair to all the people that didn't and that haven't. Why is that so hard to understand?

Here is my immigration analogy:
When I worked at the animal hospital, I thought someone had told me we could wear shorts. I went and bought almost-knee length white shorts and wore them with a purple hospital-issue shirt and white and purple Filas. My boss pulled me aside and basically said -["If I knew that everyone would dress just like you I would have no problem with people wearing shorts, but there will be people who wear shorts that are too short, or see-through or not shave their legs everyday. Because I can't stand at the door each morning and inspect each person, it has to be "no" for everyone."] I was annoyed, but I totally understood. For every anal ironing and matching person like me, I am sure there are 4 or 5 who couldn't care less. The rule was for them, but I was affected.
...I am sure there are wonderful people here illegally right now and on a case-by-case basis your heart would break having to send them back...but we can't make laws case by case. For the ones that are good and law abiding there are 4 or 5 who aren't.

What if pedifiles all started boycotting "age of consent laws" --should we change them? What if everyone ceased paying parking tickets or having their cars inspected or registered? Should we abolish those requirements? This isn't about lack of compassion --it's about order, and justice.

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