Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Is it Too Late for Europe?

I often wonder what Europeans think about the mass Islamification of their countries (except for the Danes, we pretty much know how they feel). We know their governments have had very liberal immigration policies in the past --and the MSM says that the majority of these countries are against the war in Iraq... I wish I could listen in to a few pub discussions in Northern England.

Now European governments seem to be realizing the error of their ways and amending previous laws.

The very liberal Dutch were the first to drastically change immigration laws.

Now Tony Blair is spearheading a campaign to remake his own human rights laws (a decision probably brought on by the case of the nine Afghan hijackers given refuge in Britain).

"Mr Blair reiterated his oft- repeated call for a shake-up of the criminal justice system to ensure that the security of the law-abiding is put ahead of the rights of offenders. The Prime Minister said it was time for a “profound rebalancing” of the debate on civil liberties to ensure that wrongdoers pay the penalty for breaking the rules." (source)

And now even France is rethinking immigration laws...
"The National Legislature is expected to pass immigration legislation Wedneday that includes, among other things, a "condition of integration. The signing of a contract of reception and of integration, including "a civic formation and, when needed, linguistic formation", will become obligatory for any newcomer wishing to obtain a temporary residence permit. At the time of the renewal of the permit, the administration will be able to hold immigrants accountable "for disrespect, expressed by a characterized will, of the stipulations of the contract". Before obtaining a residence card (of ten years duration), the foreigner will have to satisfy a condition of integration based on three elements: personal engagement to respect republican principles, the effective respect of these principles and a sufficient knowledge of French." (source)

Too little too late? I guess we'll see.

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