Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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Uniform Shortages Not Fixed

My unit started receiving the new Army Combat Uniform in the summer of 2005. We were told the priority went to units about to deploy to either Iraq or Afghanistan. Initially, we were not allowed to wear them in garrison due to the fact that the wear and tear on them might be substantial and there were no replacements available at the time.

However, not everyone in the unit received them due to odd sizes or hard-to-find sizes. Some people received only the pants, or maybe a hat, but were told to wait until more came in before they could get a complete set.

Fast-forward to May 2006 and here we are in Iraq. Many people in my unit still don’t have complete uniforms.

Now the supply system has caught up and replacements for the uniforms that have already worn out are here, but the original shortages from a year prior haven’t been filled. How is it that I can see civilians here wearing them, or Iraqi interpreters wearing them, but we still can’t get them down to the soldiers? Am I missing something?
-Timothy Gray, Camp Taji, Iraq (Stars & Stripes: Letter to the Editor)

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