Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Illegals" Boycott -After the Fact...

Well, it seems the "Great American Boycott" was a bit of a bust. That was kind of predictable.

"Even though we don't have conclusive numbers, I think there wasn't a lot of negative effect," Chamber President Larry Rubin said by telephone from Washington, where he and other business leaders are lobbying for comprehensive immigration reform. "We basically ... think it was more symbolic." (source)

Monday as I was driving around and shopping, I was thinking about the fact that main argument of the amnesty proponents is "they are doing the jobs that Americans won't do". Well, if Americans won't do these jobs, the implication is the pay is pretty crappy --therefore these people probably aren't out doing much shopping at Bloomingdales --or even Target. So, the idea of illegals boycotting stores really wouldn't be felt, right?

The second thing I was thinking about was that the boycott was a really good idea because any business that shut down would open themselves up to some serious fines and investigation... It seems I wasn't the only one with that brilliant idea:

"House Republicans called on U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to prosecute businesses shut down yesterday by their illegal alien employees who took the day off to participate in protests of immigration legislation.

"Too often, we presume that fault lies with the illegal migrant worker, but we need to recognize that the employer broke the law by hiring the illegal alien," wrote Republican Reps. Jack Kingston of Georgia and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee. "We believe the federal government has an obligation to enforce the nation's immigration laws and must actively investigate any and all instances where it is apparent industries have knowingly and willingly hired those who entered this country illegally." (source)

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