Tuesday, May 16, 2006

GO VOTE! It's "Clean Sweep" Day in PA!

For those that don't live in the Keystone State, you may not know that out legislatures gave themselves pretty hefty raises (from 16-54%) under the cover of darkness and with no constituent knowledge or discussion. Some gave it back after the poo hit the fan, but some haven't...

Governor Ed Rendell (aka Fast Eddie), who we are trying to oust for LYNN SWANN, had this to say about the clandestine raise:
"It's legal and that's all I'm saying about it." Hmmm...

Anyway, for those of you in Pennsylvania --if you want to see how the Reps in your district voted, go visit PA's Operation Clean Sweep. They have no political agenda other that getting all PA incumbents out of office. (Though read through the list because there were a few Repubs that voted AGAINST the pay raise). Also, CURT WELDON (ABLE DANGER) certainly deserves to retain his seat.

"In the Legislature, 61 incumbents face challenges in the primary the most since 1980 -- following a public uproar over lawmakers’ furtive attempt to give themselves a big raise last year." (source)

Democrats are notorious for not voting in primaries... Let's have a strong GOP showing!

Update: Just got back from voting and the tumbleweeds were blowing through the polling place. I don't think I've ever seen it that empty. The polling officials always have a fit that I take the kids in with me (or kid this time) ... "Keep him away from the orange button...have him stand on the left..." Ninja went into a polling booth for the first time when he was three days old -he knows the drill. Actually, I always let them "push the orange button" Shhhh...! So the problem with voting out the incumbents is no one is running against them. So you have to pick "Write in", but who do you write in...

When I was leaving, the GOP Rep outside said, "I know you already voted, but Rep. So-and-so gives all the money for the playgrounds, Fourth of July...blah..."
To which I replied, "I wrote in Michael Savage"... and in fact I had.

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