Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Genocide Takes Back Seat to Illegals...

...in Darfur. Unfortunately illegal immigration has obscured any news out of Sudan. Peace talks are breaking down and the US and Canada are both sending in negotiators.

"An agreement to end fighting in Darfur is designed to open the way for the deployment of UN peacekeeping troops later this year.

The violence began in February 2003 when rebel groups attacked government security forces to push their demands for a bigger share of Sudan's wealth and representation in local government. The national government in Khartoum responded by organizing nomadic herders and some Arab tribal militias into a counterinsurgency force that attacked settlements." (source)

Due to the many stories that I have read (both news articles and survivor recounts), I was under the impression that this was a political and a religious clash. That Christians were being slaughtered by Muslims... BUT this CAIR (Council on American Islamic Affairs) press release claims it has nothing to do with religion --and that labeling it "genocide" has made things worse? The purpose of the press release was to complain no Muslims from any of the big Islam organizations was asked to speak at the "Save Darfur Coalition Rally" in D.C..

"Earlier this month, after noticing the lack of Muslim speakers on the program, CAIR wrote to rally organizers asking to have a representative speak at the rally. The Save Darfur Coalition never replied to CAIR's letter, despite the fact that the Washington-based Islamic civil liberties group is an original signatory of the coalition's founding "Unity Statement."

"It is unfortunate that the Save Darfur Coalition chose not to list any mainstream American Muslim groups in the rally program," said CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad. "This disturbing omission calls into question the coalition's true agenda at the rally."

Awad also said that all too often, the conflict in Darfur is portrayed in racial and religious terms, with "Arabs" killing "black Africans." He cited a recent article, "
5 Truths About Darfur," in which the Washington Post's East Africa Bureau Chief Emily Wax pointed out that: "1 Nearly everyone is Muslim, 2 Everyone is black, 3 It's all about politics, 4 This conflict is international, and 5 The 'genocide' label made it worse." (source)

Oh, and in case anyone is tempted to be cliché...Sudan does have oil...

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