Monday, May 15, 2006

DNA Seems to Clear Duke Boys...

I haven't blogged about this case because my sister accuses me of always "taking the man's side" (of course The Man might disagree) --and I thought this chick was shady from the get-go. What does she do for a living?

...Now I'm not saying that a stripper can't be raped. Or that because she's a stripper she's a liar --I happen to know a few stripers who are all very nice... But, come on. The story was hard to believe from the get go. Her story changed from 20 guys raped her to three. Now DNA shows she had sexual intercourse with ONE man --and the DNA doesn't match anyone on Duke's Lacrosse team.

"Defense attorneys have strongly proclaimed that all the players are innocent, consistently pointing to an initial round of DNA tests they said found no match between the 46 players tested and the accuser.

The "single male source" who matched the genetic material found on the vaginal swab take from the victim is named in the report on the second round of DNA tests, which were done at a private lab. Cheshire said the man "is known to the Durham police department" but he declined to give the man's name or comment on his relationship with the accuser." (source)

Their names were smeared, their season was cancelled, their coach resigned... What will happen to this girl now? Does she just walk away from this havoc?

Ann Coulter had a good article about this...

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