Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I want to know who all of you (secretly) think you would probably get along with in real life. Some one that has political views that make you cringe, but for some reason you can't bring yourself to hate them... Not someone easy like Joe Lieberman or John McCain either...

There are some people who I REALLY can't stand -like I actually clench my fists and turn the channel when they come on. Maureen Dowd is one, Naomi Wolf and pretty much anyone on Bill Maher.

But there are others that no matter how strongly I disagree with them, I kinda like them...

Susan Estrich:
I know she's a top ten hated by republicans, but I can't bring myself to dislike her. We could have coffee.

Hillary Clinton:
I don't want her to be President, but a part of me respects the hell out of her and I would kill to sit down and pick her brain.

Bob Beckel:
He's aggravating because he is so smart and well spoken, and he has a great sense of humor.

So...does Jpck secretly like Noam Chomsky or maybe Nate has a crush on Laura Ingraham...? Do tell. ;)

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