Saturday, May 13, 2006

Comeon, How Can You Hate Bush...?

Someone said here just a few days ago that the ability to partake in self-deprecating humor is an indicator of a strong, good personality...

This is really funny...

(H/T: ~jen~)

"You have to have a great deal of confidence to do self-deprecating humor, especially when you're being attacked day in and day out," said Landon Parvin, who helped Bush and Bridges write the jokes contrasting Bush's public voice with his supposed inner thoughts.

...It was the president's idea for the twin act. After seeing a tape of Bridges introducing mom Barbara Bush , he invited the Dallas-born comedian to the Oval Office three years ago. The president said, "I tell you: You see a videotape where someone looks like you, acts like you, talks like you -- that's weird," according to Bridges, and promised they'd work together in the future.

...The White House finally called two months ago, and the two men rehearsed with Parvin on Friday afternoon in the White House family theater, with Bush adding the "She's hot -- muy caliente " line. To make sure the crowd would be surprised, White House staffers made like a pit crew, practicing a precision maneuver in which they set up a second presidential lectern in under 30 seconds.

The crowd of 2,600 on Saturday was momentarily confused by seeing double -- and then delighted by the presidential duet.

"The thing I took away from all this is that President Bush has a pretty good sense of humor about himself," Bridges said. Mission accomplished. (source)

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