Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Chinese Characters Gone Wrong

How many people do you know that jumped right on to the Chinese/Japanese character tattoos fad? I know quite a few...

Now the tattoo recipients are learning that their tatts don't mean what they thought...

One girl thought hers said "blood and guts," but it really said "blood and intestines." and another guy thought his said "rock 'n' roll," but it really said "to sway and to roll."

"It seems to be a current in the tattoo studios ... where it gets passed on and passed on, and the translations get more obscure until you’re not even putting on your skin what you thought you were,” said Dr. James Morel, of DR. TATTOFF in Beverly Hills, Calif., which is seeing a flood of people asking for their Asian tattoos to be removed because of mistranslations.

New York City jewelry designer Jane Ko, 30, who is Chinese-American, has been approached countless times by sheepish and somewhat befuddled strangers and acquaintances who have asked her to translate tattoos that they once thought were Chinese characters for attractive concepts like “power” and “love” but now suspect might actually say “General Tso’s Chicken special” or “gullible white boy." (source)

Now the fad seems to have turned to having the tattoos removed... oops.

HERE is a website dedicated to bad translations... (Like the story behind the second picture)

If you ever want a great laugh, go into a tattoo parlor and ask to see their book of "cover-ups" --the before pictures are always priceless.

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