Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Caller ID: New Dangers

I am a Caller ID junkie. I can't fathom that some people still don't have it and pick up the phone without knowing who is on the other end.

The stories coming out that show I may no longer be able to trust my phone are upsetting. Damn technology sometimes...

"...There is now technology which strips away that layer of protection, allowing a caller to alter a phone number even a voice. CBS 3’s Stephanie Abrams shows how it works and the danger it poses.

For as little as ten-dollars, new internet sites, like, help callers conceal the true source of the phone call.

Abrams used the site to call senior deputy Attorney General Henry Hart from her cell phone, but it seemed she was calling from within his office. One of the options on the service says, “To change your voice to sound like a man press 3.”

“This is Steve Adams calling from payroll, I need your social security number,” Abrams said with the service.

“In the wrong hands it's a very dangerous tool or weapon,” Hart said

It can appear the call is coming from a hospital, your school, even the police, enabling fraud, identity theft and possibly violence. The Attorney General's office said the technology is legal, so you need to keep your personal information private. Don't be afraid to call back that number on your caller I.D." (source)

Watch the video

Of course, you know me and all I can think about is how child molesters could use this to lure kids out of the house... ugh!

(H/T: Liz)

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