Monday, May 08, 2006

Black Leaders Join With the Minutemen

First, I have to point out that this CBS article calls the movement and the Minutemen "anti-immigration" --I have to go into broken-record-mode again and clarify (and correct CBS) and say it's anti ILLEGAL immigration... Sheesh.

"The anti-immigration group the Minutemen reached out to the African American community to join them.

Sean Jourdan is one of the people at the kick-off who believe that illegal immigration is having a devastating impact on the black community.

He says he doesn't buy the argument that illegal immigrants only take jobs no one else will do.

"When they say these are jobs we don't want. I don't know what jobs they're talking about but the jobs I was in — construction trades, telecommunication — it has definitely been affected," says Jourdan.

Jourdan claims he's making $2,000 less a month now, and blames the availability of cheaper labor.

"That border being as porous as it is, is like a loaded gun to any American worker's head ... We can get rid of you tomorrow for anyone who's willing to work for half the price."

...It's an issue that cuts both ways in the African-American community. According to a recent poll, blacks are more likely than whites to feel immigrants take away their jobs, but they were less likely than whites to be in favor of immigration restrictions." (source)

Some interesting alliances have been formed lately --Conservatives, Veterans, Bikers and Gay activists thanks to Fred Phelps and now Pro-American jingoists and Black leaders... What could be next?

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